Joanne Simpson’s “Multitasking State of Mind

Tuesday July 12, 2022

Joanne Simpson’s “Multitasking State of Mind

January 15, 2017

English 1302

Essay Assignment #1


Prewriting Exercise:

Reflect on the ideas presented Joanne Simpson’s “Multitasking State of Mind,” Alina Tugend’s essay “Multitasking Can Make You Lose … Um … Focus” and Nicholas Carr’s essay “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Simpson argues that students’ use of technology results in a scattered, fragmentary consciousness that is affecting their ability to communicate effectively with their instructors and their performance in college classes. Similar concerns about technology and its impact on reading, writing, thinking, and communicating are raised by Tugend and Carr.



Write an essay in which you defend, oppose, or modify Simpson’s central claim that “media multitasking” is damaging to students’ abilities to focus, concentrate, and effectively communicate with others.


Draw upon your own knowledge and experience, and provide specific examples or details to support your position. You should also incorporate at least one direct quote from each of the three essays (by Simpson, Tugend, and Carr) to help illustrate and/or support your claims.



Be sure to write your name, the date, and the course and section number in the upper left corner


Be sure that your essay has:

  • an introductory paragraph
  • a clear thesis statement
  • at least three supporting points
  • focused and well-organized paragraphs
  • accurately cited direct quotes
  • a conclusion


The final version should be approximately 750-1000 words (about 3-4) pages in length, typed and double-spaced (standard 12 point font) with one inch margins on all sides.



References to sources and quotations from them will be done with parenthetical citation using the MLA format. At the end of the essay, provide a separate Works Cited page, again using the MLA format.


To help you out, here is the full citation for Simpson’s essay:


Simpson, Joanne. “Multitasking State of Mind.” Signs of Life in the USA,edited by Sonia Maasik and Jack Solomon, Bedford, 2009, pp. 469-71.


You will have to create citations for the other two readings on your own. Here is some of the important information for each reading:


The essays by Tugend and Carrboth come fromThe Norton Field Guide to Writing, edited by Richard Bullock and published by Norton (based in New York) in 2013.
Following the example above (for Simpson’s essay) and/or using the guides in the MLA Information section,identify the missing information for Tugend’s and Carr’s essays and then place all of necessary parts in the correct order to create a proper MLA citation for your Works Cited list.


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