Java AssignmentTo complete this practical you are requi

Friday July 29, 2022

Java AssignmentTo complete this practical you are required to build the server using the Java programming language as this has libraries already created for networking. It is suggested that you read the RFC very carefully to understand how the TFTP protocol works. You may find it useful to use a packet sniffer and undertake in some file transfers between a server and a client such as Solar Winds available from This will allow you to capture the packets and break them apart to examine what is actually being sent. Therefore once you start building your server you can perform the same transfers to compare them to ensure the application is doing what it is supposed to do.TasksThe server should be able to:Read a file to send to a client (RRQ) Write a file sent from a client (WRQ) Transfer data between the client and server (DATA)Acknowledge packets (ACK)Provide error control (ERROR): There are various types of error message it is suggested that you do not attempt all types of errors. You should choose only 5 errors and implement them into your code.The server does not need to have a graphical user interface (GUI) it will just have to run from the Command Prompt although you may find it useful to give some output such as what type of packets are being sent and received as this will allow you to work out any errors you may come across.Software to be used: Netbeans 7.1

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