Introduction to Psychology

Thursday July 14, 2022

Introduction to Psychology

February 11, 2017

Assignment instructions:

Write a 2 page paper on an article related to the impact brain functioning has on thoughts, behavior, and/or other psychological issues. The American Psychological Association and the Brain injury Association were recommended resources, but not mandatory. The article needs to come from a source that discusses RECENT research findings, NOT a brief news item or fact sheets found on health websites.

The Topic is: Brain Injury and its relationship to neurological disorders/disabilities

Subtopics could include symptoms, treatments, impact on families, changes in how the public school system treats brain injured/neurologically disabled children….

Paper must include:

  • Summary of the article
  • Your review/commentary on the article and topic (Did it interest you? Did you agree or disagree? Did is raise further questions? Could you connect it to something that you have previously learned?
  • Proper reference including title, author, and website link to article at the end of the essay. In text citation only needed for direct quotes.
  • Relate the article (or topic) to your own experience.

Note: When I was 2 years old, I sustained a head injury after falling off of the front porch, and hitting my head on the concreate. Shortly after, I began to have severe daily seizures that required me to be hospitalized for months at a time. Although I am no longer epileptic, my childhood neurologist believes that the damage sustained from the seizures, which were a result of the head injury, is the cause of my learning disabilities which include dyscalculia. I also had to participate in a few years of Occupational therapy and PT due to fine and gross motor issues involving the left side of my body.  It is now being speculated as to whether or not my ADD may also be related to my pervious head injury.

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