Introduction Statement:This module aims to provide an o

Tuesday July 19, 2022

Introduction Statement:This module aims to provide an opportunity for students to investigate Mechatronics and how it has evolved and been responsible for major developments in both product designs and manufacturing. The module seeks to provide these opportunities by investigating a range of devices and systems with case studies that link all the elements of Mechatronic systems. Assessment BreakdownThe assessment(s) of this module are formal pieces of work that you will have to pass to pass the module. You should not work with other students on this work unless clearly directed to by the the tutors and assessment(s) guides. The percentage breakdown is 100% based on solutions and reports to 3 topics identified in the main assessment.The Meaning of the Marks you get for this Assessment Excellent performance = 70 to 79% Above average = 60 to 69% Average performance = 50 to 59% Satisfactory performance = 40 to 49% Unsatisfactory performance = less than 40%Lateness Penalties and Mitigating/Extenuating CircumstancesModule leaders/ tutors cannot remove penalties for lateness or accept mitigating circumstances. Please refer to your course handbook and then ask for further guidance if required Mechatronics Assignment . Digital control of motors and Mechatronics case study.This assignment has 5 parts. The first three parts are associated with a 12V DC electric motor and its digital control.Part 4 is associated with control of a stepper motor.Part five is a Mechatronics case study associated with a neoprene tube cutting process. Further details of this assignment will be developed in class.The assignment should be submitted as a report (keep your own copy). The report should contain details of :Hardware designsFlowchartsSoftware including program codeBlock diagrams (where appropriate)Schematic diagramsTables/ graphs where required.You will need to keep an accurate log book which will be checked e

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