international business

Saturday July 23, 2022

international business

April 15, 2017

international businessThe introductory lecture emphasised the three parties involved in International Business – individuals who make purchases & give their labour; companies who principally seek sales & resources internationally; & home & host governments that influence economic opportunities for their own indigenous companies as well as foreign companies interested to engage in some form of exchange.

requires to evaluate a current international business situation which has been assigned, discuss it using concepts introduced in the module.

Topic: The opportunities & challenges of migrant workers in an emerging market


Produce a report (2,000 words +/- 10%) that covers the following:-

a). Briefly explain the title & its historical context, then consider which of the forces of globalisation provide the most useful insight to the title.

b). Using frameworks introduced in the Module, classify the situation in countries concerned.

c). Analyse the range of stakeholders (host & home) with an interest in the situation using relevant explanatory theories.

d). Critically evaluate the situation from the perspective of the home & host governments involved, concluding with your response to the situation in the title.

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