INSTRUCTIONSa linguistic assignment ( morphology) .. more specific its a turkish

Friday July 15, 2022

linguistic assignment ( morphology) .. more specific its a turkish morphologyalready
done the handout for it ( like main headpoints)neeed
to expand it and make it an academic research paper.its
id due april (3rd )8
page paper in total (four paper is attached + add 4 more pages )In
this paper you willdescribe
the grammar of the turkish language from the point of view of
with the grammar of English (especially focusing on Morphology).citation
is very important in each single ting used or written in the paper.details:1)take alook at the format and way in the attachment name
(111 and 222 ) these two are just another sample of another language
handout to have an idea whats the idea look like.2)then
go over the attachment handout named (handout turkish ) and this one is
the one will be working for and based on it use the information on it and re
write it or use it to add supportive information3)if
can look up same sources ( academic once) and use it to add more information
and explanation.4)
cite each single information and exmaple used or you will be using ( lots of
citation need to be seen in between the work)5)
make sure the paper look as a research academic paper NOT like the handout .reminder:
( the attached paper is just in point form but the paper should be in details)

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