Innovation Strategies – Play to Win, or Play Not to Lose?

Wednesday July 13, 2022

Innovation Strategies – Play to Win, or Play Not to Lose?

March 3, 2017

As your textbook author states on page 59, “One of the first rules of innovation is that you must decide how your organization is going to play the innovation game.”
They have also suggested that innovation strategies can fall into two categories:

1.  Playing to Win (PTW), or
2.  Playing Not to Lose (PNTL)

Explain when each strategy is appropriate for companies that put emphasis in innovation as a driving company value.

How should an organization go about choosing an innovation strategy?
As a follow-up, what value does an organization receive from outsourcing for some of its innovation and creativity activities?

Finally, what roles does leadership play in nurturing and directing organizational innovation?


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