Importance of Integrity for Grand City University

Sunday July 10, 2022

Consider the following scenario:
You are a special assistant to the president at Grand City University and are asked to write a speech about integrity that she will present. The speech will be addressed to staff and faculty. You need to explain that each department must review its integrity policies and make changes to strengthen these policies.
To prepare:
Review the integrity criteria for the Higher Learning Commission, or another accreditation commission
Review the integrity requirements at an institution of higher education that you select
Think of how institutions can protect their campuses by implementing policies and other actions
To complete:
Write a 2- to 3-page speech to faculty and staff that addresses the importance of integrity for Grand City University. Include your responses to the following:
To support your speech, describe at least three potential threats to the institutions integrity, such as plagiarism, research practices, financial compliance, accountability, and any others.
Propose three measures that Grand City University could implement to prevent these specific problems from occurring.
Your paper should be written in a scholarly tone with APA formatting.

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