Identifying and Assessing Appeals

Tuesday July 12, 2022

Identifying and Assessing Appeals

November 13, 2016

Identifying and Assessing Appeals

For this assignment, I want you to pick a single reading assigned before the due date of the first draft and break down how the author of that reading constructs their argument, using the appeals and structures we went over in class as a conceptual framework for your discussion. You don’t need to use the specific terminology we used in class to do so: phrases like “logical appeal” or “logos” could be rephrased into expressions like “reasonable discussion” or “evidence-based argument,” for example. However, if you feel comfortable using the specific terms we defined in class, feel free to do so. However you choose to describe the appeals at work in a text, in this paper I expect you to:
– Explain the appeal (or appeals) and/or rhetorical techniques being utilized by an author.
– Break down the effectiveness of the approach to presenting their argument that the author employed.
– Discuss the effectiveness of the text overall.
– Put your discussion in context – tell me how the success or failure of a given piece of writing informs your understanding of a particular topic, or the subject of writing in general.
When I say “a single reading,” I mean a single article, or the entirety of a selection from a single book. For example, each of the articles you read for our class on August 30th would each count as a single reading for the purpose of this paper, even though we discussed them as a batch, while the selections from Proofiness that we’ll read over two classes would count as a single reading as well, even though we’ll be discussing them over more than one class period. Remember, you don’t necessarily need to like the piece you’re discussing, or think that it’s an example of good writing. In fact, it may actually be easier to analyze and critique a piece of writing you don’t consider especially good.
This should be a thesis driven essay, and you need to have a central argument, if not an explicit thesis statement, guiding your paper. You will need to provide specific evidence from the verbiage of the text you’re discussing in order to complete the assignment, as well.

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