Identify Ways That Differences Between Eukaryotes And Prokaryotes Impact Cell Function

Monday August 1, 2022

1. Briefly compare prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Identify three ways that differences between eukaryotes and prokaryotes impact cell function.

2. Briefly explain the relationship between the surface area and volume of a cell and overall cell size. List two ways in which organisms have successfully “solved” this problem.

3. Briefly compare the functions of chloroplasts and mitochondria. Identify specific structures in your comparison.

4. Draw and label a rough structural diagram of a eukaryotic flagellum. Identify the role of each labeled structure in the process of movement associated with this organelle.

5. Draw a eukaryotic cell and label all organelles. Then, explain what the primary function of each organelle is.

6. Draw a phospholipid bilayer and describe its chemical structure. Which molecules can most easily pass through phospholipid bilayers? Why? What is the fluid mosaic model?

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