Identify Two Project Performance Factors That Can Be Obtained From An Earned Value Analysis Of A Project

Monday August 1, 2022

Identify two project performance factors that can be obtained from an earned value analysis of a project. (2 marks) b. Identify two differences between the agile and scrum approaches in project management (2 marks) C. Company ABC is undertaking a project to develop a prototype model of a compact electric vehicle for urban delivery of items. The project consists of eight phases with a planned budget of RM 85,000. Scheduled to take a total duration of 12 months to complete, the project is currently at the end of month 11. Based on the project details as shown in Table Q2, assess the performance of the project at the end of month 11 by using the earned value analysis method. Table Q2 Phase Duration (month) Budget (RM) Status at end of month 11 1 1 5,500 2 0.5 11,000 3 1 1,500 4 1 Completed, spent RM 5,500. Completed, spent RM 10,500. Completed, spent RM 3,000. Completed, spent RM 5,000. 80% completed, spent RM 15,000. 75% completed, spent RM 16,000. 50% completed, spent RM 6,000. Not started. 5 7,000 17,000 25,500 2 6 3 7 2.5 12,400 8 1 5,100

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