Identify the Factors which Effect Wall Mart

Wednesday July 27, 2022

This assignment allows students to demonstrate their understanding for the subject of Production Management in engineering and enable them to solve real life complex engineering problem. The students are required to use their knowledge for the solution of given complex engineering problem. The students are required to scan and submit their solution online through LMS on or before submission date. Solutions produced in WORD or EXCEL can be accepted. The solution of given complex engineering problem requires deep understanding of the following topics covered in the lectures of Production management in engineering. a. Basic norms of Production Management b. Productivity C. Forecasting d. Supply chain management and logistics e. Inventory Management f. Project Management g. JIT operation h. PERT and CPM Analysis i. Network diagram j. Numerical analysis of Production and Management Statement of question: a) Wall Mart supply for a national tire company expects to sell approximately 9600 steel- belted radial tires of a certain size and tread design next year. Annual carring cost is $ 16 per tire, and ordering cost is $ 75. The distributor operates 288 days a year. ? (a) What is the EOQ? ? (b) How many times per year does the store reorder? ? (c) What is the length of an order cycle? ? (d) What is the total annual cost if the EOQ quantity is ordered? b) The following table contains information related to the major activities of a research project. Use the information to do the following: (a) Draw a precedence diagram using AOA (b) Find the critical path based AOA. (c) Determine the expected length of the project. (d) The amount of slack time for each path Activity Immediate Predecessor Expected Time (days) a 8 b a 6 d b 3 ? a 11 e 4 f e 9 c, d, f 1 end g 1. Identify the factors which effect wall Mart? CLO1 2. How Productivity relevant to the given statement can be increased and what measures can be taken to improve it? CLO2 3. Select appropriate plant layout to improve productivity and overall performance of the industry? CLO3 4. Use PERT and CPM to control in inventory of Wall Mart? CLO4 11OTION

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