Identify The Cellular Components And Some Of The Protein Components Of The Blood Immune System

Saturday July 16, 2022

Identify the cellular components and some of the protein components of the blood/immune systemExplain evolution using key terminology; contrast mechanisms of evolutionary change; identify assumptions of natural selection MECHANISMS of EVOLUTION • NATURAL SELECTION Definition: Changes in genetic qualities to adjust to the environment organisms adapt and change to the environment to survive • Leads to adaptations and is the only process that does) FOUR REQUIREMENTS (e. the “E” – Darwin’s postulates – conveniently paraphrased); 1. . ie. Differences between individuals in respect to a given trait • Ultimately generated by mutation 2. • This variation is passed on (with some degree of fidelity) to the individual’s offspring 3. In other words: the variation affects how individuals respond to selective pressures • Define selective pressure: Le differences in the reproductive fitness between variations of the trait THE RESULT (L.e. the “THEN”); The variant of the trait with greater fitness increases in proportion in the population! This may ultimately lead to the more successful trat going to fixation in the population Le it is the only version of the trait lett tunti new variation is generated) conversely, the other versions of the trait are no fazer found in the population SEXUAL SELECTION Works very much like natural selection (sometimes categorized as a subset of it) Different from natural selection how? . GENETIC DRIFT = bas a form of selectione natural sexual selection Describe what genetic drift PATTERNS OF CHARACTER (TRAIT) EVOLUTION Type of Trait Meaning Notes/Paraphrase Apomorphy Derived Trait Synapormophy Shared Derived Trait Autapomorphy Derived in One Species Plesiomorphy Ancestral Trait Symplesiomorphy Shared Ancestral Trait Homoplasy Convergent Trait Bolded rows are those expected for the course other terms are provided for the sake of being comprehensive Apomorphy Symplesiomorphy Autapomorphy Synapomorphy Homoplasy Derived trait Ancestral trait

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