How Would You Describe CrossFit’s Vision And Mission?

Friday July 29, 2022

How would you describe CrossFit’s vision and mission? Explain how Glassman has used—or has failed to use—vision, mission, and the other elements of the strategic management process to create a successful business.
Use the seven segments of the external environment to identify threats and opportunities in CrossFit’s external environment. Which of these threats might cause you the greatest concern if you were an affiliate owner?
Identify several of CrossFit’s key tangible and intangible resources. How have these been used to create capabilities and core competencies?
Imagine that you are considering opening your own gym, either as a CrossFit affiliate or a franchise owner of one of the other competitor brands listed in the case. Your neighborhood doesn’t currently have a gym, so the choice is yours. From a business standpoint, which of these brands would you choose to go into business with and why?

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