How Modern healthcare organizations are using the data warehouse and the Internet for their continuous improvement activities

Friday July 22, 2022

This is healthcare management 1. Explain how modern healthcare organizations are using the data warehouse and the Internet for their continuous improvement activities. Provide at least one good example of a data warehouse application and one good example of a web application. 2. You are the CIO leading a KM committee for a large multi-specialty physician group practice. What dimensions of KM performance will you recommend that your committee routinely monitor for the group practice? Please provide a few practical examples of measures for each dimension. 3. You have just finished your Bachelor of Health Administration (BHA) degree (or Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree with emphasis in healthcare) from CSU. Computers have always been a special interest of yours, and as you review hospital and clinic job ads, you are seeing more and more positions posted for CIO and director of healthcare information systems. What will you do to make yourself highly marketable for these positions? 4. More and more healthcare organizations are engaging in some form of incentive compensation, at least for their managers. How do you feel about incentive compensation? Let us make you hospital CEO for today. How would you design an incentive compensation program for the members of your own management team? 5. The healthcare workforce is increasingly diverse, with representation from many different nationalities and cultures. As a healthcare manager, what steps would you take to manage diversity in the workplace and promote multi-cultural competency in your staff? 6. What steps would you take to prepare yourself for a career as human resources director or vice president for human resources in a U.S. healthcare facility? What professional credential do professionals in these roles typically seek? Would you personally be interested in this career path? Why, or why not?

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