How Fame Is Constructed On Social Media

Sunday July 31, 2022

How Fame is Constructed on Social Media All our authors this unit have attempted to answer the question, “How is fame constructed on x platform?” The word, “constructed,” is important to understand because online celebrity, much more than traditional celebrity, is built by content producers themselves. Likely they have help from others, and there are certain factors, such as a given platform’s algorithm, that have a major influence on whether or not someone garners enough attention to achieve fame on a social media platform. However, in order to analyze how fame is acquired on social media, we must acknowledge as Marwick does that “in the broadcast era, celebrity was something a person was; in the Internet Era, microcelebrity is something people do.” In this essay, you will join our authors in examining this topic. You will choose one specific social media platform, and based on research, make an argument that attempts to identify the way(s) celebrity can be achieved on your chosen platform. What do people have to do to get famous? You will answer the question, “How is fame constructed on this platform?” To do so, you will need to use one of our course readings as a source to support your arguments and you will need to cite specific examples from the platform you’ve chosen to analyze. Requirements • Your essay must be thesis-driven. Your intro will end with a thesis statement that will be developed in some way by each body paragraph. • You must use a minimum of two sources. One must be a course reading, and the other will be posts made by influencers, microcelebrities, whatever, from your chosen social media platform. You should cite multiple posts from multiple celebrities. Feel free to include screenshots, videos, or any other multimedia content in your essay. It is often more effective to show an IG post to your readers than describe it. Just make sure to integrate these items into your paragraphs and cite them. • All sources must be cited in MLA style on a works cited page and parenthetically in-text. • Your essay should be a minimum four full pages in length, but please don’t go over six. The works cited does not count as part of the page length. • Include an original title, MLA header, and page numbers -research paper writing service

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