History of Art&Technology analysis paper

Sunday July 31, 2022

History of Art&Technology analysis paper

March 1, 2017

Technical Analysis Paper
Please develop a short essay around one of the topics on the next page.
General Instructions
This paper should clearly demonstrate a sustained, direct engagement with your selected topic. It should have a central thesis supported by a full engagement with the assigned texts (with proper bibliographic citations), and will be evaluated on your ability to draw well- reasoned connections between themes and images brought up in lecture and the materials discussed in section. Emphasis should be placed on the development of a coherent central argument informed by a technical analysis of your given object(s) as it relates to themes, topics, and readings covered in the course so far—namely, the rethinking of our political, social, and aesthetic engagement with technology and the cultural techniques of visual representation. Please do not use the quotations from assigned reading that were presented in lecture in your paper; rather, you should develop your own original insights into these materials by demonstrating your own engagement with the texts on your own time outside of lecture. In many cases, you may want to point to other videos, concepts, research, or works of art introduced in class in order to draw comparisons that will convince your reader of the larger argument you wish to make about your selected topic.
Your papers must be a minimum of 5 pages long (max 7 pages), double spaced, 12-pt font If possible, please use a font with serifs (like the one on this page), as it is easier to read.
You will be graded on your ability to engage rigorously with the themes of the course and the assigned readings and lectures. Special attention should be paid to your rhetorical style, your ability to discuss your research object in technical and theoretical terms. You must submit original work and identify your sources, and discuss at least three assigned texts. Apply a standard system of citation, either MLA or Chicago, for all take-home assignments. If you have trouble adopting either of these systems, please feel free to consult with me. Improper or unattributed sources for content or language will not be tolerated.

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