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March 8, 2017

Your Online Section will work together to write one chapter of a textbook on the History of Technology.  Each student will contribute a 1500 word section of the chapter.
Editors will be needed to guide each Online section.  In addition to the organizing work, these students will write the introduction and conclusion for each section.
The topics of the book, and chapters will be arranged as we proceed through the quarter.  These might be: the technical innovations created or research conducted in a particular geographic region, institutions of science and technology, the individuals or communities working in technology, etc.
To complete this research you will need to use:
1) one or more primary historical sources (documents written during the time you are focusing on and by scientists, or science administrators working in the city),
2) at least two secondary historical sources that place the primary sources in their historical context (works written by contemporary historians), and/or
3) a map of the region during the time period (or close to it).

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Category: History

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