heyi only need the 4 math problems to b e donethank you

Friday July 8, 2022

heyi only need the 4 math problems to b e donethank you
Math 150A Project Spring 2013 Part 1: Writing Assignment. (20pts) On Titanium you will find two options for your writing assignment. Choose and do only one. Specifics: Writing in a math class can sometimes be difficult. Here is a site that you might find helpful: https://edisk.fandm.edu/annalisa.crannell/writing_in_math/guide.html Your writing assignment must be typed or written in ink. If you decide to type it your assignment should have 1-inch margins and you should type in Times New Roman or Arial font size 12. Feel free to write in diagrams or notations. Part 2: Calculations You must show all your work. No work or lack of work means no credit. This second part must be written using pencil only. Failure to follow directions will result in loss of points. Work that is too hard to follow or lack of organization will result in loss of points. 1. (5pts) Grain pouring from a chute at a rate of 8 3 ft min forms a conical pile whose altitude is always twice its radius. How fast is the altitude of the pile increasing at the instant when the pile is 6ft high? Differentiate by using logarithmic differentiation 2. (5pts) ? ?4 sin 2 3 6 7 5 7 x x e y x ? ? ? Choose and do only one of the following 3. (5pts) For the equation 3 12 x y x ? ? ? find dy and ?y when x ?1and dx ? 0.01 4. (5pts) Find dy dx by implicit differentiation 2 3 x y ?3xy ? x ? 3

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