Government and the Cyber Sector

Sunday July 31, 2022

Government and the Cyber Sector

January 4, 2017

ou will prepare a proposed cyber policy or legislation to ensure the cyber resiliency of both the U.S. government and critical infrastructure. This is a theoretical paper with practical application.
The term resiliency is meant to suggest measures that span the entire range of cyber security activities: anticipate, mitigate, prevent, protect, withstand, respond, recover, and evolve.
The five subsections of the analysis consist of the following:

1. Identify the various current authorities that exist with respect to cybersecurity responsibilities.

2. Detail the privacy and civil rights or civil liberties that must be considered to develop a cyber policy or legislation.

3. Identify the implications to critical infrastructure should a cyber event occur.

4. Identify international and global considerations that a cyber policy or legislation would need to entail.

5. Identify current proposed cybersecurity policies or legislation, noting the strengths that can be incorporated and weaknesses that need enhancement with each.

This is an academic requirement designed to exercise, demonstrate, and reinforce certain learning objectives. The fact that sections of the Key Assignment have practical applications is a teaching technique to reinforce student learning.

• will make up an Executive Summary section at the beginning of the document and a Cybersecurity Policy or Legislation Proposal section at the end

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