GOMS Interface MeasuresNAME:____________________________Figure 1 below shows a s

Monday July 25, 2022

Interface MeasuresNAME:____________________________Figure 1 below shows a
screen image of the form used in a program that allows the user to reserve an
advertisement in a local community guide book. You have been asked to provide
average time measurements that would be expected for experienced users to use
this form. Use the following assumptions:1.Cursor is NOT automatically placed in
the first radio button as shown when the program starts.2.TabIndex is properly set up to allow
user to tab between screen elements in order.How this form is used by an experienced user:1.When program starts user selects ad
size by clicking on a radio button in the Ad Size groupbox.2.User selects ad location by clicking
on a radio button in the Location groupbox.3.User clicks in Company Name textbox
and enters company name (assume 8 characters)4.User presses Tab key to the Telephone
textbox and enters phone number (assume 8 characters).5.User presses Tab key to the Run date
textbox and enters date (assume 8 characters).6.User pressed Tab key to the Reserve
Ad button and presses the Enter key.
Figure 1Question 1.Use the GOMS
Keystroke-Level model to determine an average time for an experienced user to
use this screen. Show all of your steps including the application of Rules 0
1 and 2 in the table below.Summary of GOMS Rules
needed for this assignment:Rule 0:Add Ms in front of every P and K (but not in
front of any H)Rule 1:Delete anticipated Ms (between Mouse Point
and Click between Tab to button followed immediately by Enter)Rule 2:Delete Ms inside cognitive units
(strings).Do not delete M at the
beginning of the string or at the end (unless the string value is a constant
that never changes) Use these GOMS timings:H = 0.4 P =
1.1 K = 0.2 M = 1.35ActionGOMS ModelCalculations:# of H = # of P = # of K = # of M =

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