Frances Benjamin Johnson

Wednesday July 6, 2022

Frances Benjamin Johnson

March 13, 2017

One of the photographers discussed in this chapter is Frances Benjamin Johnson, a white female photographer who took a series of photographs of the African-American and Native American students at the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute in 1899. Read the article by Sarah Bassnett, “From Public Relations to Art: Exhibiting Frances Benjamin Johnson’s Hampton Institute Photographs” (pay most attention to the beginning and end of the article, but you can skim the middle section, pages 160-165): attached or at  Then, write your post by reflecting on how you think the meaning of Johnson’s photographs changed when they were exhibited in different venues and contexts. Finish by describing a new context for Johnson’s photographs: where would you display them, and what would this new context say about them? At John Jay, in your home, on Tumblr, on a billboard over the Lincoln Tunnel, in the White House… wherever you can imagine!


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