Forensic research

Tuesday August 2, 2022

Forensic research

March 6, 2017

This assignment is to write a scholarly research paper that is to be based on a forensic discipline or new forensic field that is using fairly new technology to investigate crime. Students are to choose one of the following topics:

Computer Forensics
Forensic Nursing
Serology/Biology (CODIS database)
Fingerprint Analysis (AFIS and IAFIS database)
Touch DNA Analysis
Ballistics (NIBIN database)
Digital Photography
Video Analysis

The paper is to be in 6th ed. APA format and the body of the paper is to be 8 pages. The body of the paper does not include the title page, abstract page or the reference page. A minimum of five sources should be used however; scholarly writing typically contains in excess of five references.

References from various sources (i.e., text, academic journals [peer reviewed], professional journals, and web based materials) may be cited, and all must be of appropriate academic quality. Sources are to be up-to-date (no more than 5 years old).

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