Florence Nightingale

Wednesday July 13, 2022

Florence Nightingale

March 6, 2017

I think a lot of nurses don’t quite have a concept of the accomplishments of Florence Nightingale. I remember thinking she must have merely followed orders, but what did she really do for nursing? I later learned just how much she did contribute. She really set the stage for understanding the impact the environment can have on patient healing and health. Nightingale believed the concept of environment was central to nursing care. This concept has become lost in more modern theories. Nightingale focused on hygiene for the patient & the environment when caring for patients. This set the stage for nursing practice at that time.

1. What concept of Nightingale’s theory do you think is most applicable to today’s nursing care?

2. Is there any part of her theory that doesn’t apply today?

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Category: Nursing

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