Firearms and Toolmarks Analysis

Sunday July 24, 2022

Firearms and Toolmarks Analysis

March 1, 2017

These are only questions that needs a response. Please provide response and NOT A PAPER.

1. Research Daubert/Frye cases where firearms examination was at the center of the case. Are the majority of firearms identification cases not admissible in a Daubert/Frye hearing? Could you find any cases where firearms identification was not admissible and what was the reasoning? (2 points)

2. Firearms Identification has come under scrutiny recently because of the NAS report. Name three of the critiques of firearms identification by the NAS report or other defense attorney’s and state whether these critiques are reasonable. (2 points)

Given that you have read articles on studies on consecutively manufactured barrels and articles related to reliability and reproducibility in the last couple of weeks, do you think these critiques are still justified? If these types of studies are not acceptable, what other types of studies should be done to help support the firearms identification field? Give details.

3.Is firearms identification an art or a science? Discuss with you classmates.

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