Final Analysis of an Artifact

Saturday July 16, 2022

Final Analysis of an Artifact

May 3, 2017

APA Write a 7-page final analysis paper of some text or artifact using theories from class in addition to new research.
I would encourage you, to begin with, the syllabus as a guide to topic selection. For example, each week we have explored some element of biomedicine and health care through the lenses of cultural materials, which should guide how you develop the paper. Topics might include:
•    Exploration/ Discussion of biomedical and/or pharmacologic technologies- How has patient care and patient-hood been impacted by the chase to keep up with new technologies? How have ethical, moral, and social concerns lagged behind the development and accessibility of new technologies? How has the pharmaceutical industry created new disorders and diseases? How have patient’s expectations been shaped by the constant media coverage of new technologies? What cultural (popular or otherwise) representations illustrate?
•    Exploration/ Discussion of the fine line between treatment and enhancement- what are the social, cultural and ethical consequences of our pursuit of perfection? How do we understand the impact of cultural construction of beauty and health on the development and accessibility of enhancement technologies? How are these issues illustrated in film, Media, and literature?
•    Exploration/ Discussion of the human responses to disease outbreak such as epidemics (scapegoating, magical thinking, stigma, search for understanding, etc)-how is that illustrated in literature, film, media, music and visual arts?
•    Exploration/ Discussion of perceived differences and deficits (racial, ethnic, gender, disability, and mental illness) in our contemporary society- how can the humanities and the arts serve as advocacy tools?

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