Fall 2011Finance 4356Term PaperImportant Dates: S

Saturday July 23, 2022

Fall 2011Finance 4356Term PaperImportant Dates: Select from the companies in the box and you may trade. The name of the company as well as your name must be provided to me type written on Arpil 19 2012 with PS numbers.Subject Select an insurance company using one of the following:GEICOSources Web site from company should include annual report (exceptions apply for annual report)AM Best Report on my websiteBest Report (most Companies have an abbreviated Best Report) and rating and may be on their website.8 pages doubled spaced plus a cover page and either 8 bibliography or works citedReport should describe not necessarily in this orderCorporate structureDistribution system usedTypes of coverage writtenUnderwriting criteria (this may come from the interview process)Key ratios if determinableExpense ratios if determinableCombined loss ratioTrade basis combined ratioNote: Information may not be available to calculate and may be on website or in printed formAny hotspots-reserve inadequacy-perceived or real trouble areas such as catastrophe lossesCatastrophe exposureReinsurance-may be described in BEST or website informationOverall scope of operation i.e. Texas US World etc.Additional information that could be includedNiche markets providedMarket ShareReputation within market place for claims handling loss control etc.Risk Based Capital assessment may be able to secure from TDI websiteOtherReport construction is important. In addition to spell check and grammar check review carefully or ask someone else to review for grammatical correctness.Additional Subjects Possible State vs Federal Regulation but must be approved in advance (now referred to as Federal Insurance Office)

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