Explain Why Heart Cancer Is Extremely Rare

Sunday July 31, 2022

Explain why heart cancer is extremely rare. When will it occur?

Why does heart cells stop dividing early in life?How do the following affect blood pressure? Explain why. a. handering of arteries Part Tixtru Credit (s points maximum) 1. If your blood agglutinates with both anti-A and anti-1 sera, your blood type is 2. If you have type o hlood, which antigens are present on your red blood cells? 3. If your blood type is 1, which antibodies are present in your plasma? 4. Most peuple are Rh (puitive , negative). Circle the currect answer. b. elevated hloed sodium levels 5. Explain how an Rh-person develops Rh antibodies. (Ulint: Rh-males generally will not have Rh antibodies; Rh- worten might have Rh anabodia) 6. Explain how dinerics lower blood pressure . Explain why a patient with a normal hernatocrit test may still he anemic. 2 Name a type of drug other than dustics that can be used to lower blood pressure and explain how it reduces blood pressure 8. What are some of the parentially disadvantageous cmnsequences of i. Ilypertension b. Typotension 9. What is blood pressure recovery time? Is it hetter to have a short or long BP recovery time? 10. List several factors or conditions that might increase blood pressure recovery time (not BP). 11. List several factors or conditions that might decrease blood pressure recovery time (not BP).

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