Explain Why Food Chains Are Rarely Longer Than 4 Or 5 Trophic Levels

Friday July 15, 2022

Explain why food chains are rarely longer than 4 or 5 trophic levels. For full credit, your answer should include information about the first law of thermodynamics and about trophic efficiency. Edit Format Table 12ptParagraph B I VAT 3 D Question 43 Suppose you meet a person who thinks that we should not care about protecting biodiversity and that the needs of humans should be a priority. List at least two reasons that protecting biodiversity is beneficial to human well-being. Edit Format Table 12tParagraph BIU A D Question 44 2 pts What can you conclude about a population that remains at Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium? It has a high mutation rate It probably has a high migration rate. It is not evolving It is probably very small Question 45 2 pts Suppose you study a population of rate birds. There are only 20 left. You genotype each individual and determine genotypic frequencies. You cakulate p-07 and q=0.3. Suppose you return in five years and find 22 individuals. At the same locus p 1.0 and the recessive allele has been lost What is the most likely reason for this change? Inne der section ditt

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