Explain Why Events Within The Triassic Are Interesting

Monday July 25, 2022

Explain why events within the Triassic are interesting. Cite two biological examples to support your argument.

Explain the difference between the terms “species” and “taxon” and give a separate example of each one that illustrates your definitions. Use formal scientific names in your examples.

Some molecular analyses place horseshoe crabs within arachnids. Why is is that including fossils in a particular analysis showed that horseshoe crabs actually aren’t arachnids? Ecological

roles often evolve in parallel. Name two major roles that have evolved separately in both marsupials and and placentals, and two that have evolved in placentals but not in marsupials.

Give the name of something that is causing the extinction of many frogs but does not endanger most other animals, and explain what it is in a simple way.

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