Explain What Is Meant By Treadmilling During Extension Of Filopodia

Friday July 15, 2022

Explain what is meant by ‘treadmilling’ during extension of filopodia. As part of your answer, describe the structure of g-actin and f-actin. 2. Describe the structure of microtubules, including the building blocks (tubulin). What is the role of the microtubules during growth of neurons? 3. What types of general guidance cues do growth cones encounter? 4. How do Rho GTPases work to influence the directional movement of the growth cone? 5. How do ephrin B2, netrin and semaphorins work in tandem to guide the RGC cells prior to and at the optic chiasm? 6. Describe the experiments Rita Levi-Montalcini used to demonstrate that NGF is a molecule secreted by target cells. 7. PC12 cells allowed researchers to study the effects of NGF. Why were scientists unable to study the effects of NGF using cultured DRG neurons and what qualities of PC12 cells made it possible

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