Explain The Term Given To The Process Of The Removal Of A Substance From The Blood Into The Urine

Saturday July 23, 2022

. what is the term given to the process of the removal of a substance from the blood into the urine?

a. clearance

b. filtration

c. azotaemia

d. permeability

e. transport

2. In the case of nephrotic syndrome, which of the following would you expect to find?

a. an increased blood triglyceride level

b. a decreased blood LDL- cholesterol level

c. an elevated blood albumin level

d. an increased blood HDL cholesterol level

e. elevated blood pressure

3. reduce synthesis of what growth factor can contribute to the anemia of chronic kidney disease?

a. erythropoietin

b. parathyroid hormone

c. renin

d. haemoglobin

e. aldosterone

4. a build up of collagen in the nephrons is seen in which of the following diseases?

a. diabetic glomerulosclerosis

b. nephrotic syndrome

c. haematuria

d. glomerulonephritis

e. cystitis

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