Explain The Small Channels Containing Cell Processes That Connect Cells Within The Matrix

Saturday July 23, 2022

Name the small channels containing cell processes that connect cells within the matrix ?? 26. Name the cells that synthesize the matrix for this tissue 1 27. Name the cells that are entrapped within the matrix 1 28. Name the two principal types of this tissue. I 1. 1 2. 29. Fibrocartilage. I a) is named because it contains larger amount of collagen fibers than other types of cartilage b) is found in intervertebral discs and the pubic symphysis joint c) contains type II collagen as the predominant type of collagen d) All the above (a, b and c) are correct. 30. Cell membrane modifications found on epithelial cells in the small intestine and kidney tubules that prevent movement of material from the intestinal tract into the peritoneal cavity are called

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