Explain The Concept Of A Digital Business Platform

Monday July 11, 2022

What would be the total amount invested? Mix o vestenis generates, 19), and years TTI TOW! (d) Take a few minutes to use a trial and emor approach with the spreadsheet to develop your best guess for the pri mal solution. What is the total amount invested for your solution? (e) Use Solver to solve the model by the simplex method Use ASPE and its Solver to solve the model by the simplex method 3.6-1. The Philbrick Company has two plants on opposite sides of the United States. Each of these plants produces the same two products and then sells them to wholesalers within its half of the country. The orders from wholesalers have already been received for the next 2 months (February and March), where the number of units requested are wn below. (The company is not obligated to completely fill these orders but will do so if it can without decreasing is prol its.) Plant 1 Plant 2 Product February March February March 1 2 3,600 4,500 6,300 5,400 4,900 5,100 4,200 6,000 old i. Each plant has 20 production days available in February and 23 production days available in March to produce and ship these products. Inventories are depleted at the end of January, but each plant has enough inventory capacity to hold 1,000 units total of the two products if an excess amount is produced in February for sale in March. In either plant. the cost of holding inventory in this way is S3 per unit of product 1 and $4 per unit of product 2 HOTOGRA ter c. CA 104 Introduction to Operation Research Bachilar to these two procese.cach of wilich can be used to pa on. The production center niet of each melis balow for each procent och Thst www w typy Plant 1 Plant 2 Process 1 Preces 2 Proces Proce 1 Proceu 2 Product 161 2 562 SB 525 The production the fact product came to per day deyd other place as it gives for each Press in each plastbel. Product Plant 1 Plant 2 Process Process Process 1 Process 2 100 130 110 110 The sales el price in many costs the presies when plant sells the proc un sens de wholesale in its half of the country is $ per nigrodd 5112 per un pridat 2. However, le coniccasal del planeta emant to the era of the com top the sale of the her plant What the lens i extra shipping cost of $9 prof product and 57 perust of product is income M. Westo de mine how much of each dat sold be produced by a production proces in each plast ding cach with a well as how much eachylon should all of och product in wh month and he michach plaststud ship af cach product in each month to the othu’s cutes. The chiede is toch madh feasible plan would maximize the cal pulitikal et le revered the sum of the process. invece costs and extra shipping costs al Formulate complete linear programing model in algebraic form that shows the individual construisando sica varies for this problem. cib oletame moon eeldsheet indical. Then use the Excel Solver in wave themel ciel Che MP o formulate this made in a compact form. Then usa MPL her in solve the model c d ULINGO 10 formulate this model in a compact. The use the LINGO sulyer te wolve the model 3.6-2. Reconsider Prob 3.1-11 Alise MPL/Solvers to formulate and solve the model for this problem by se 1.INGO Polsed solve this model. 36-3. Reconsider Prob. 14-11 cal Use MIL.Sve to formatuan solveier meselor is geblem. (h LINK to formule and solve this model 36-4. Reconsider Pro 4 15 UMPLIS to fonnulle und solve the model for this problem. Us LINCO 10 fame and be this makel c36-5. Reconsider Prob. 3.5-5. a) e MPL/Selvers to formulate and solve the model for the problem bi Use LINGO tom and solve this modelExplain the concept of a digital business platform. Give two examples that have had a significant impact on the economy. Discuss the ways that digital business platforms serve as a basis for fostering business innovation.

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