Explain How the Client Fits the Diagnostic Criteria for Major Depressive Disorder

Wednesday July 27, 2022

Read the transcript of Andrew Solomon’s “Depression, the Secret We Share” and how his symptoms correspond to the DSM-5 criteria for depressive disorders. Next, review the diagnostic steps outlined in the Morrison (2014) reading, and then read Anastasia’s case study, considering the client to the various DSM-5 criteria for depressive and bipolar disorders. Lastly, submit a 2-page response in which you address the following:

• Concisely explain how the client fits the diagnostic criteria for Major Depressive Disorder, Recurrent Episode, moderate (F33.1); Panic Disorder (F41.0); Generalized Anxiety Disorder (F41.1) with Z codes Z56.9 Other Problem Related to Employment & Z63.0 Problems in relationship with spouse or partner.

• Explain the diagnosis by matching the symptoms identified in Anastasia’s case to the specific criteria for the diagnosis.

• Recommend a specific evidence-based measurement instrument to validate the diagnosis and assess outcomes of treatment.

• Describe your treatment recommendations, including the type of treatment modality and whether or not you would refer the client to a medical provider for psychotropic medications.

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