Example of trauma in real life

Wednesday July 20, 2022

Example of trauma in real life

December 9, 2016

Format or citation style:

parenthesis of where you got something from when quoting someone or an article.

Final Essay Assignment

Write an essay of approximately 1250 words that accomplishes the following:

1.    Find an example from any source of legitimate news media (from any time) that 1) describes an event causing trauma for an individual or group and 2) attributes the cause of that event to a human agent (individual or group). Explain how the perpetrator(s) of the event might also be understood as traumatized.

Note: Use an example for which answering this question presents a challenge to you, i.e. asks you to do something that goes at least somewhat against the grain of your understanding of the event. The question asks you to take and think about a position of understanding that does not necessarily represent your own position.

2.    Explain how the act of interpretation you have performed in answering the first part of this essay assignment both enhances and diminishes your understanding of trauma




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