Evaluate The Stages That Consumers Typically Go Through When Making Decisions To Purchase A Product

Friday July 22, 2022

Evaluate the stages that consumers typically go through when making decisions to purchase a product. Fully justify your answer with contemporary examplesWe are passing an uncertain time that can be very difficult for us to grasp. Many are assuming
that this pandemic of COVID-19 might be here for a long time, couple of years at least.
Businesses are facing an unprecedented challenge to survive. The impact of this pandemic will
affect different industries differently and hence, they need to adapt accordingly.
The post pandemic world can be very different from the one that we know. Consumers will
adapt a different lifestyle and a conservative economic approach. The overall economic
situation might continue to decline for a long time before it starts to pick up again. Even global
leaders are not thinking any differently for businesses in 2020.
“For people in business, 2020 is really just a year for staying alive. Don’t even talk
about your dreams or plans. Just make sure you stay alive. If you can stay alive, then
you would have made a profit already” – Jack Ma
Even though restaurants are open aimed the persisting situation, restaurants are trying their
best at preventing the spread of coronavirus, stakeholders say business is in shambles and they
are worried about paying bills and their staff. This has put restaurant owners in a predicament
and they say they are not sure for long they can sustain losses as the situation shows no sign of
The restaurant business is bleeding. Stakeholders said they are going through a difficult time
and are worried about meeting monthly costs and expenses including rents, utility bills and
salaries of staff. Many upscale restaurants are also incurring significant revenue loss as foreign
visitors cancelled their tours amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
According to a number of restaurant owners the eateries open for several hours daily and but
the lack of customers are hurting businesses. Besides, people’s increasing tendency to order

food online is also declining as the customers are not comfortable with parcel delivery at their
doorsteps due to the contagion.
Shafiqul Islam, a proprietor of Café Haji Biryani hotel at Najirabazar, said their business is on the
wane. He stated “We keep our hotel open following the government’s directive but we’re not
getting enough customers as many have left Dhaka or stay home. We’re worried about pay,
hotel and house rents, gas and electricity bills and staff salaries. We are going through a difficult
time now”. Shafiqul said every year they have buoyant sale in Ramadan but the scenario has
not been the same this year.
Forkan Mia, a hotel staff, said he is worried about his job. According to him, after the
government announced holiday in March 2020, the hotel owner asked the employees to go
home. They work on daily basis hence making it difficult to make an earning. If the sale is poor,
how will the owners pay the salaries? So, most of the workers returned to their villages. They
don’t know when they can rejoin work and are facing deep financial trouble. Another
restaurant worker, Md Sumon Islam, said he worked for an upscale restaurant in Gulshan for
years. He has never faced such a situation before. Most waiters depend on tips from customers
and without many customers visiting restaurants, they are now passing through a very difficult
time. According to Anwar, another restaurant staff, some workers returned to their villages
before the closure of the public transport while many of them are now stuck in the capital with
their families finding it hard to earn a decent living

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