Ethical Relativism Essay

Friday July 22, 2022

In this assignment, you will choose an article andcomplete a short essay in response to several questions about how situationsimpact objectivist viewpoints and ethical relativism.

In a Word document, write a short essay respondingto the following:

  • Identify2-3 situations in which it’s less socially acceptable to expressnon-relativist points of view on some subjects than others and explain whythat might be.

Doyou think society expects people in some professions to expressobjectivist or ethical relativism viewpoints more than others? Explain.
Wouldyou prefer to live in a society that places less emphasis on ethicalrelativism and objectivist viewpoints? Why or why not?

There is no word count minimum.  BUT allquestions should be answered in a clear and concise manner with all referencesstated in APA.  NO PLAGIARISM WILL BE ACCEPTED.  DO NOT RUN IT THRUTURNITIN cause my instructor is going to do that when I turn it in.

Thank You

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