Essay topics

Sunday July 31, 2022

Essay topics

March 16, 2017

In your essay, you should refer to a number of sources from the Skills for Study 3 Study Pack, but you MUST also refer to at least 5 other sources, which you have found. You must ensure that the sources you use are academic and reliable, in particular ensure that Internet sources are accessed via a reputable academic database or an academic journal.

What you will be assessed on:

  1. Establishing a clear purpose or thesis statement of your essay
  2. Developing a line of argument, expanding and supporting the arguments with reasons and relevant examples
  3. Identifying and evaluating counter arguments, opinions or solutions
  4. Writing in an evaluative rather than descriptive manner
  5. The extent and depth of your research of independently found sources
  6. Incorporating others’ work effectively by quoting, summarizing and paraphrasing viewpoints and using in-text citations accurately
  7. Compiling a complete, accurate, consistently referenced bibliography (standard Harvard system) at the end of your essay.
  8. The clarity of expression used in your writing, especially register and style.

Task: Write an Extended Essay answering one of the following questions. Foundation students must write 1750 words.


Unit 1

“The growth in internet use has affected cultures around the world, leading to a westernized, homogenous world culture.”

  • Politics
    · Business
    · Youth culture
  • Language





Unit 2

CCTV is considered by some to be a cheaper and more effective way of reducing urban crime than paying for police officers to patrol the streets. However, the public feel safer if police officers are on the streets and do not like their daily lives being recorded by so many cameras.”

Using existing literature and data, critically evaluate this claim in relation to at least 2 of the following areas (or 2 areas approved by your tutor):

  • Cost
    · Society
    · Privacy
    · Terrorism

Unit 3

“The ‘tyranny or paradox of choice’ explains why people have difficulty in making complex choices. The amount of choice people have in the modern world is a huge cause of stress, one which our ancestors did not have.”

  • ·  Allocation of resources
  • ·  Consumerism
  • ·  Technology
  • ·  Risk



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