Electoral College Essay

Friday July 22, 2022

Electoral College Essay

March 15, 2017

Electoral College Essay

-Essay must be typed with font size 12 (Times Roman)
-Must have 1 inch margin, top, sides, and bottom
-Must be 5 pages of text, nothing less, (could go over 5 pages though)
-Do not add extra lines between paragraphs
-If you quote somebody/something directly, cite it directly as an endnote
-Answer all questions
-Use specific information to back up arguments

In a well written, well organized essay, answer the following questions based on the specific evidence from the articles (all must be used).

1.) What was the reason fro the electoral college
2.) Do you feel that the Electoral College continues to serve its purpose? why or why not?
3.) Do you think the Electoral College should be eliminated, modified or kept as it is? Give reasons for your answer.
4.) Should electors have taken matters into their own hands on December 19, and voted fro another candidate for president (such as Hillary Clinton)? if they had done this, how do you think the public would have viewed this? As legal, or as a coup?

IMPORTANT- These question have to be answered based off the evidence from the sources provided!
(No need to research)

Here are the links as well but they will also be included in a pdf







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