Diversity and Intelligence Testing Powerpoint Presenta

Friday July 8, 2022

Diversity and Intelligence Testing Powerpoint Presentation
Use the Electronic Reserve Readings (ERR) for this course the University Library or other resources to locate at least four articles concerning intelligence testing.
Use your selected articles to create a 10-12 slide Powerpoint presentation (this does not include title/reference slides) that addresses the following:
Define intelligence
Identify two theories of intelligence
Explain the identified theories of intelligence
Discuss the effectiveness of intelligence testing
Give two examples of intelligence tests (this is to be specific tests used to measure intelligence)
Using the two intelligence tests you have identified discuss how they do or do not address cultural considerations
Use at least 4 peer-reviewed resources (not including your text).
Your speakers notes should be equivalent to a written paper complete with citations in APA format and cohesive sentences.
Upon completion of your Powerpoint copy and paste your Speakers notes into a Word document and submit this along with your Powerpoint document.
Turn in 1) The word document with your speakers notes and 2) Your Powerpoint presentation.

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