Discuss Your Experiences And What Needs To Be Done If You Experience Harassment Or Bullying.

Saturday July 16, 2022

Discuss your experiences and what needs to be done if you experience harassment or bullying. If you experience a lot of stress and fatigue what should you do?

2. Discuss:

What is appropriate dress? Remember to come next week as an intern!!
Identify an example of behaviour that exhibits either courtesy, dignity or respect in the workplace
Identify what behaviour would be deemed to be ‘offensive’
Provide your responses to a whole class discussion.

3. See company details handout for southern LaserTech P/L

Develop WHS policies and procedures to establish and provide implementation and monitoring arrangements regarding:

Participation arrangements for managing WHS and managing matters arising from consultation
Procedures for identifying WHS training needs, the costs of training and provision of training
Procedures and legal requirements for identifying hazards and assessing and controlling risk. Establish a hazard and risk register for southern LaserTech
Procedures for maintaining WHS records and creation of a record system including incident reports
Establishing a monitoring and continuous improvement process

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