Discuss Which Pathway Permits The Passage Of Most Solutes And Water Inside The Roots

Saturday July 16, 2022

Explain why the measurement was done at a fixed wavelength and when is absorbance reading as a function of wavelength done? (2) 2. Why should you not use the equation of the curve (1) 3. Which three functional groups in proteins are responsible for their absorption of UV-VIS light? (3) 4. What should you do if the spectrophotomer does not have the autozero function? (1) 5. Which cuvettes are used in: a) UV range b) Visible range (2) 6. What will happen if the absorbance reading is 2 or above? What should you do? (2)Discuss which pathway permits the passage of most solutes and water inside the roots? Which pathway allows the entry of most of the water and some of the solutes inside the root tissue? Explain how the Casparian strip creates a barrier for substance moving through this pathway and how it is circumvented.

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