Discuss The Evolution Of Residential Long-Term Care Services In The United States

Saturday July 16, 2022

1. Discuss the evolution of residential long-term care services in the United States.

2. What was the role of legislation in the creation of residential care facilities?

3. How and why have assisted living services evolved over time?

4. Why is a systems development life cycle approach important in the implementation of information systems in long-term care facilities and other healthcare organizations?

5. What are assistive technologies? Provide an example. Why are they likely to be used with greater frequency in the future by individual with chronic conditions and long-term care needs?

Note: Please use the below reference and list all additional references used to answer the questions,

MLA 8th Edition (Modern Language Assoc.) Mary Helen McSweeney-Feld. Dimensions of Long-Term Care Management: An Introduction, Second Edition. Vol. Second edition, Health Administration Press, 2017. APA 7th Edition (American Psychological Assoc.)

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