Discuss the ergonomics risk factor evaluator abbreviated

Monday July 11, 2022

Discuss the ergonomics risk factor evaluator abbreviated

April 15, 2017

Assignment :Ergonomics Risk Factor Evaluator Abbreviated
Directions: This is your final project for this course. You are to perform a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) identifying individual steps, which poses increases increased risk for ergonomic injuries.

(1.) The first step is to identify a job task, which is repetitive in nature. You are to watch and record the individual steps within the task or the work cycle. Work cycles normally do not exceed 2 minutes. Reach step within the work cycle is called an element and the time in seconds associated with each element. Record the time in seconds in the appropriate column.

(2.) Record the appropriate percentage of time the task is usually done in the correct column.

(3.) In column 3 record the dominant hand left or right (L/R) associated with this step of the task. Dominant hand meaning the one doing the majority of the work.

(4.) If the worker is using a tool to perform a task within one specific element record here and estimate the amount of force necessary to perform the task in column 4. The amount of force should be recorded in kg.

(5.) Name/describe the tool used to perform the task for each step if there is one. Record the approximate weight of the tool and if it vibrates.

(6.) Describe the posture of each step as normal, abnormal and if abnormal which body part is out of the neutral position.

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