Diabetes and Human Evolution

Wednesday July 6, 2022

Diabetes and Human Evolution

January 12, 2017

TERM PAPER include : topic sentence outline & reference.

10 papers research with out reference:
2 papers have 12 of Reference Sources . Due in 17 Sep

A) Kinds and number of Reference Sources.
1- 8 original research articles from peer-reviewed scientific journals .
2- two scientific book sources
3- one review article
4- one article from a popular source
The list should be in alphabetic order

B) . Outline: due in Oct 4

2-page (double-spaced), bulleted outline for paper’s organization. The outline should include topic sentences for each major section , together with citation of supporting sources. A typed, doubled-spaced, properly-formatted outline for the major sections of your paper. . You must include the title of your paper, and the topic sentence for each major section. You should specify which sources you will be using to support each part.

Final Term Paper : due in , Nov 4

single-sided pages of text. Your text should be double-spaced, use only non-bolded, regular “Times New Roman” font (in MS Word) font-size no larger than 12, 1 inch margins on all sides, use of regular spacing of type (no expanded spaces between letters.) Indent paragraphs no more than 5 spaces and do not skip lines between paragraphs. Please note that page requirements are full pages of text. and a. Quotes should not be indented, nor bolded, nor the font changed or italicized, for this paper; “quote” marks are sufficient. Minimize ); You may also add figures or tables to the end of your essay if you feel such additions may help

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