Describe The Types And Purposes Of International Trade Documentation

Sunday July 10, 2022

Describe the types and purposes of international trade documentation for the management of the movement of goods and services in international trade transaction? Explain in detail? 20 marks Healthcare Emergency Preparedness’17 Hospital patients are ill, frail, and often in pain. This means that hospital evacuations are a last resort and occur only when the infrastructure of the building fails. The obvious difficulties involved in moving sick patients make it impossible to practice a hospital evacuation. An exercise was conducted in southwestern Pennsylvania to simulate the evacuation of a hospital because of structural damage sustained during a natural disaster. In addition to an emergency department and adult intensive care unit, the hospital has one of the largest neonatal intensive care units (NICU) in the eastern United States and a large labor and delivery program. The exercise required the simulated evacuation of 309 patients requiring various levels of care. The exercise scenario involved a powerful micro-burst windstorm that struck in the vicin- ity of the hospital. The storm propelled an SUV through the five-story glass atrium of the build- ing and into load-bearing support columns. The damage made the facility unsafe for continued habitation. Emergency medical personnel at the hospital began treating those injured by the event as well as communicating the need for additional assistance to local command officials. The hospital implemented its emergency operations plan and incident command system to assess building damage, continue the provision of care, and evaluate further steps. In con- sultation with the local emergency management agency the decision was made to evacuate the facility. The municipal emergency operations center (EOC) was activated and key command po- sitions were assigned. Coordination of patient movement from the stricken hospital to other available healthcare facilities was coordinated by health and medical services (emergency support function 8) located in the EOC.118 Several issues were identified: • Some hospitals that were to receive healthy mothers and babies lacked the appropriate staff (nurses, obstetricians, and pediatricians) and supplies (diapers and formula) to care for infants. • Local hospitals that were expected to provide neonatology services did not have enough staff or beds to “surge” their NICUs. These hospitals requested that the evacuating hospital send its clinicians, beds, pharmaceuticals, and supplies with the infants. Due to the limited numbers of NICU beds in the region, 38 infants would have to be trans- ported to hospitals in neighboring regions and states. ue Questions 1 What types of preparedness activities would be needed to successfully evacu- ate a hospital? 2. How is the decision to evacuate a hospital made? 3. What internal and external communications would be essential during a hos- pital evacuation?

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