Describe The Process For Aseptically Sampling From A Test Tube Using An Inoculating Loop Sterilized With A Bunsen Burner And Streaking Onto An Agar Plate

Saturday July 16, 2022

Describe the process for Aseptically sampling from a test tube using an inoculating loop sterilized with a Bunsen bumer and streaking onto an agar plate. Start from what you would do after coming Into the lab. 2. If you were transferring liquid from one test tube to another, would you use a micropipettor or a Joop? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? 3. Suppose you had a mixed culture of two bacteria that grow as different color colonies on plates (so they are easy to distinguish). 3A) Would you use a streak plate or spread plate to separate them? Why? What would be the advantage of one technique over the other? 3B) What about if you wanted to quantify the abundance/numbers of each of the two different types/colors of microbes? Why? 4. Suppose you had a mixed culture of two bacteria that were present at the same density Unfortunately, you do not have an inoculating loop, but you do have agar plates and a micropipetter (as well as sterile liquid media and tubes). Describe how you would handle this sample to get isolated colonies of both organisms.

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