Describe The IMC Strategies That An Energy Drink Brand Would Use To Target Favourable Brand Switchers

Monday July 18, 2022

Identify the following statements as argument or non- argument: People who usually eat fast food means that they consume fatty foods, so people who eat fast food are not healthy people. O a Argument b. Non-argument Based on the materials covered in class, routinely refusing a claim just because it’s conventional is considered O a. Not rational O b. A call to the crowds c. Intelligent O d. A call to custom Decide if the following passage contains a fallacy, then identify it. If the passage does not contain a fallacy, then choose “No fallacy The bank has verified my employment history and did a credit check. The clerk told me that I should have read the banks repayment terms as I signed the loan agreement form therefore, he is going to approve my application for a loan a Begging the question b. Equivocation c No fallacy d Misleading precisionDescribe three IMC strategies that an energy drink brand would use to target favourable brand switchers. Explain how each selected IMC strategy will be effective for this target audience.

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