Describe The Hydrolysis Of Carbon Compound Polymers When Ingested By Heterotrophs

Sunday July 24, 2022

Explain how our action of control the emission of the greenhouse gases will impact climate change of this century based on the climate projections for various RCP emission scenarios, focusing on comparison between the emission control scenario targeted by the COP21 Paris Agreement versus the business as usual emission scenario.

COP21 Paris Agreement aims to limit the global surface temperature warming to 2°C above that of pre-industrial value to avoid dangerous climate change. How much total global anthropogenic emission (fossil fuel+landuse) do we need to cap (in unit of PgC/yr) from this year (2021) to 2100 in order to achieve this goal (based on Fig. 7.22, enclosed below)? The total anthropogenic emission in 2018 and 2019 was about 9 PgC/yr (Emission was 8.33 PgC/yr in 2020 due to COVID lockdown). The current atmospheric CO2 concentration is 416.43 ppm. If we keep the anthropogenic emission at 9 PgC/yr (business as usual) until 2050 and then drastically cut the greenhouse gases emission to zero, what would be the atmospheric CO2 concentration by 2100? How many degrees of warming in global mean temperature relative to that of pre-industrial value do we expect.Describe the hydrolysis of carbon compound polymers when ingested by heterotrophs/consumer. 2- Discuss the role of enzymes in chemical reactions

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